Vision "Revitalize Japanese Crafts"

vision-1 Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Co., Ltd.
13th president Masashichi Nakagawa

After Meiji era, Japanese lifestyle has changed drastically due to many incoming products from the West. Modern amenities from the West has made lifestyle of Japanese very efficient.
But on the other hand, we have lost numerous great features of Japanese custom which took many years to establish. And Japanese traditional arts was also one of those lost features.

Today, products over flow and now it's in an age where the public seek not only convenience, but products of high value. (design, brand story, environmental terms, etc.)
And so, Japanese "monozukuri" (manufacturing) is once again reconsidered.
This kind of move occur, as a result of demands from Japanese society, who realized that customary features acquired through time best suits them and serves convenience at the same time. But in spite these moves, Japanese traditional arts are still in a very hard situation.

As a pioneer company to categorize traditional arts as one independent SPA business, we have applied those know-how to start the project of revitalizing traditional Japanese crafts. We use our knowledge of consultation in specialized market style and specialized distribution route for household goods market as well as our ability in brand management to the fullest, which we've achieved through our own brands, to create many "regional No.1s" and revitalize traditional Japanese crafts.

In 2016, it will be our 300th anniversary since our establishment.
Now and also in the future, we will advance towards another new 100 years as an evolving traditional company, not hesitating the changes.