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Japanese Hospitality

"Nakagawa Masashichi Sabo", a resting cafe serving meals made courteously one by one and high quality teas and freshly made confectioneries in a informal style.
We provide comfortable and relaxing moment surrounded by the calm, refined Japanese atmosphere.
We are particular about products quality, and we prepare our Japanese meals, sweets and beverages all very gentle to your body, using strictly the chosen local Nara products and seasonal ingredients.
"Nakagawa Masashichi Sabo" is a machiya (traditional merchant's house), which has been residing in alleys of refined atmosphere of Naramachi for 120 years.
There are tatami-seats where you can relax, overlooking the Japanese garden and casual chair seats.
We are certain that you will be able to spend a relaxing time, and feel free to make yourself at home.
We will serve you with our sincere hospitality, welcoming you with mixture of old and new for your pleasure.

Textile Mill


The rear area of Yu Nakagawa's main shop, what used to be a fabric warehouse with over 120 years of history, has been renovated as a 'textile mill', where you can experience hand-spinning and hand-weaving of ramie.
You can experience the 3 processes of fabric making from the raw material asao (hemp rope) at the kura (warehouse) where the loom has been brought from Tsukigase factory, and afterwards enjoy the ojyu lunch at the sabo's (cafe) ozashiki (tatami room).
3 days advance reservation necessary.

The details of hand-spinning, hand-weaving Nara-sarashi experience

Experience the process of making a fabric from asao (hemp rope).