Corporate History

Beginning of 17th c.Nara sarashi, specially assigned as "goyo-hin" (supplies delivered to the government with permit) by Tokugawa Bakufu (government)
1716~17351st president Kibei Nakaya, deals Nara sarashi
1819Starts dealing with Echigoya Gofuku-ten (currently, Mitsukoshi Co.)
18689th president Masashichi Nakagawa
1898Imperial household agency warrant
191010th president Masashichi Nakagawa
Dedicated effort in re-establishing Nara sarashi (sarashi factory in Kizugawa, working space in Tsukigase・Tawara・Fukusumi)
1925Exhibited in Expositions Universelle de Paris
1929Presented fukin(kitchen cloth) to Ise Shrine
1939Founded limited partnership company Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten
195311th president Iwakichi Nakagawa
1979Nara sarashi, identified as Nara's intangible cultural heritage.
1983Founded Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Coporation
1985Opened "Yu Nakagawa Main Shop"
198812th president Iwao Nakagawa
Exhibited in Nara Silkroad Exposition.
2001Introducion of the profit center approach, 2nd department relocated.
Opened "Yu Nakagawa Tokyo Ebisu Shop" (Closed 2005)
2003Opened "Yu Nakagawa Tamagawa Takashimaya SC shop"
Announced new brand "kisara"
2006 Opened "kisara Omotesando Hills shop" (Closed 2012)
200813th president Masashichi Nakagawa
Published "Nara no Chi-sana Kaisha ga Omotesando Hills Ten wo Dasumadeno Michinori."
"Hanafukin" received Gold Prize in Good Design Award.
2010Relocated to new office building.
Received silver prize in JCD Design Award.
Received Nikkei The Best of New Offices Award, Kinki Block Promotion Award.
Received Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Announced new brand "Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten"

Starts consulting.

Published 2nd book "Brand no Hajimekata". (How To Start A Brand)
(co-written by Mr. Nishizawa, president of Eight Branding Design and Nakagawa)

Published "Nara ni Ikiru, Nara wo Ikasu, -Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten to iu Ikikata-"
(Living In Nara, Making The Most Of Nara, -The Way To Live As Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten-)
Author: Noe Inatomi
2011"Dainippon-ichi" the exhibition was founded.
Announced new brand "2&9"
Founded "textile mill"(closed 2014)
2012 Published "Chisana Kaisha no Ikiru Michi."
(The Way to Live for a Small Company; What the 13th Generation who Revived a Traditional Company Just Have to Tell.)

Published "Brand No Sodatekata"(How to Raise A Brand)
(co-written by Mr. Nishizawa, president of Eight Branding Design and Nakagawa)
2013Announced new brand "motta"
Renewed "Yu Nakagawa"
Opened "Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Main Shop Tokyo"
Held "Nippon Kogei Pavillion" (Japanese craft pavillion)
2014 Announced "Fukinya-masashichi"
2015Received Porter Prize 2015.
2016300th Anniversary
"Dainippon-ichi EXPO" will be held.