[Brand Concept]

Revitalize Japanese crafts!

Dainipponichi is not a multi-brand shop.
It is a "market" of craft makers shops, gathered from all parts of Japan.

Crafts were naturally created from the climate, natural features, and materials of that region. It is something which has been together with us, along with our living.
We think that by making these products continuously through our living, and by using them continuously, we can save traditional crafts for the future in a proper way, and not just "preserve."

In order to do so, everyday the craftsmen devote their hearts in their creations, considering their own will and sense of values very important, and they make them, imaging the customer's satisfied face and a comfortable happy settlement for the product itself.

Dainipponichi is a market where craftsmen like that gather.
The shop's appearance conspicuously appeals each craftsmen's originality.
The staff of course have special knowledge about each products, but they also know its origin as well as creators' devotion, and are prepared to even tell you a whole story surrounding those products.
That is Dainipponichi.